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Composition and function of each element

Each 300 mg tablet contains equal amounts of:

Element Function
Colchicum Autumnale Nausea at the smell of food
Conium Maculatum Vertigo and nausea after chemotherapy
Ipecacuanha Persistent nausea and voming after chemotherapy
Nux Vomica Pain in stomach very sensive with nausea and voming after chemotherapy
Pulsatilla Pratensis Decreases the vertigo and nausea after chemotherapy
Veratrum Album Copius voming and nausea after chemotherapy
Argentum Nitricum Helps to eliminate nausea an dry arcades after chemotherapy

Colchicum Autumnale
Conium Maculatum
Nux Vomica
Pulsatilla Pratensis
Veratrum Album
Argentum Nitricum
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