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PreQuimm presentation

It is well known that for the last years cancer has been proliferating rapidly in many sectors of our population.

In our society, many people seek for natural alternatives every day to treat health issues. Under these circumstances and knowing the importance and impact that has and will have nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy, we developed PreQuimm. A pharmaceutical product which side effects are still unknown including any blocking, antagonism, or interaction with chemotherapy. For this reason, health practitioners may take the advantage of a better, trustworthy, accessible and efficient tool that compliments and empowers conventional cancer treatments.

In the majority of the cases, cancer patients are treated with chemotherapy and/or radiation, even surgery. Nowadays, more that hundred substances exist and are utilized in chemotherapy, which are employed depending on the type of cancer, progress, and response of the patient.

Cancer treatments are designed to destroy cancer cells; unfortunately, they cannot distinguish between normal (healthy) cells, causing adverse effects that could be moderate to severe and consequently diminishing quality of life. These secondary effects could potentially increase the risk of the treatment’s effectiveness and even the patient’s life. The most common symptoms are: hair loss, nausea, vomit, diarrhea, constipation, myalgia, artalgia, and even severe tachycardia. So far, there has been some effort on preventing these adverse side effects through different medicine that at the same time has the same effects, consequently ending up with partial results.

These medications only focus on the symptoms and do not take into account the damage produced in the body due to the toxicity of its elements.

It is important to highlight that the root of chemotherapy’s side effect is due to the harm of cells in different organs of the body. One of the most common side effects is nausea and vomiting; therefore, the method that has been followed to reduce these symptoms is the implementation of a product containing multiple elements. Each of these elements could be combined and each of them generates an effect inside the body, not competing between them, but contributing to the improvement of health and wellness of the consumer. Each of these elements is absolutely independent and works within the body in a specific way.