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Veratrum Album

It helps eliminate copious vomiting and nausea after chemotherapy

  • Family. Liliaceae (Lily Family).

  • Synonyms. Latin: Veratrum album L., Elleborum album, Helleborus albus, H. praecox. Espanol: eleboro blanco, verdegambre blanco. English: White hellebore. French: Varaire, Verâtre blanc. German: Weisse Nieswurz.

  • Description. A deciduous, perennial herb, with a fleshy, fusiform, blackish rhizome 5-10 cm long, 2-2.5 cm in diameter, beset with strong fibers gathered into a head. The stem, 15 dm high, is round, fistulous, almost covered by the sheaths of the leaves, downy above. The leaves, provided with numerous nerves, are plaited, broad, ovate, acute, or rather blunt, glabrous above and downy beneath. The light-yellow or yellowish-white flowers appear from June to August in erect, panicled racemes. All parts of the plant are extremely acrid and poisonous; the rhizome has an offensive smell and a burning, acrid, bitterish taste.

  • Habitat. Middle and southern Europe, Russia, China and Japan; found in moist situations in mountain regions.

  • Used parts. The dried root.